Helping Others is Janice's Focus


Janice has had the honor of working with many individuals with varying abilities.  She believes we all have diverse abilities that we can tap into our strengths to achieve our goals and dreams.  We all need a supportive “team” to help us gain confidence.  Asking for what you need shows strength and courage.

Janice’s experiences have shaped her as a coach and inspired her to empower individuals to boost potential, see possibilities and gain a sense of freedom.

Coach Janice Shafer
Coach Janice Shafer dog Breesie
Coach Janice Shafer and her daughter


Janice has 37 years of experience working with individuals with developmental disabilities and helping them achieve their highest level of independence.  She has worked directly with families advocating for services and linking them to resources.  She also works directly with individuals with disabilities whose goal is to be employed.  She can bring her experiences to help you find clarity in your vision for yourself and see all the possibilities.  Janice can strategize and work on your goals with you and help you find your BIGGER VISION for your best life.

Professional Background:


Janice is married with two adult children, two adult stepchildren, her grandson, and her French Bulldog.  She lives in upstate NY and spends winter months in Arizona. She enjoys hiking, cooking, reading, spending quality time with friends and family, volunteering with Big Brothers Big Sisters, watching hockey, traveling, and golfing. Janice has lots of energy and squeezes as much as possible into a day.   She considers herself an optimist and embraces every day.  She would like to walk alongside you in your journey.

Coach Janice Shafter with her family at Christmas